Global Summit

The Strategic Global E-Commerce Summit annually brings together the major players in online business from around the world: government officials, industry leaders, legal experts, consumer interest groups, and academics joining forces to network and forge a better understanding of the legal concerns surrounding e-commerce.

The Global Summit is one of the most important annual networking events for defining the direction of Internet Law. The event is a showcase as to the importance of global coordination in play when doing business online.

With the presence of the keynote speaker U.S. Federal Trade Commissioner William E. Kovacic, among many other government officials from around the world, the 2006 GECC summit provided a firm foundation into the ways laws coexist in competing jurisdictions. The annual GECC summit facilitates the establishing of important contacts between corporate leaders and government regulators and the opening of informal channels of communication between the industry, government, and legal specialists.

Global E-Commerce Summit 2006 (Orange County, California)


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