About E-Commerce Council

The Global E-Commerce Council (GECC) is a central platform for global coordination and networking in play when doing business in the New Online Economy.

With expert task forces, online educational training, legal consulting services, and annual global summits, GECC offers an open forum to identify and develop e-commerce best practices and strategies on an international level. In this next generation of global online trade, legal issues are emerging as a specialized field in need of experts. Consequently, the Global E-Commerce Council represents a knowledge community of corporate and government specialists who are actively shaping the future of Internet and E-commerce laws and regulation, from both a regional and international perspective.

For the major players in online business, government officials and regulators and legal experts, the GECC serves as an important network to exchange information and establish contacts. The council members work for greater international understanding, acceptance and application of E-Commerce regulations developed to address the escalating number of new legal concerns.

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